★ Are You Qualified To Read This Blog? ★

In order to be qualified you must know something, any little scrap of info will do, about at least 50% of the above kisses. At least one participant's name, or perhaps the movie title or year, even location counts. Moving your mouse pointer over the kiss should stop the pix and offer a hint. Pre-Code kisses were more realistic. After 1934 (The Code) kisses could be no longer than 3 seconds, no open mouth kissing and if the kiss took place on a bed, one person's foot had to be on the floor! ....Good luck and Welcome to Movie Classics!

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This is me!

Here are The Rules!("Cool Hand Luke").

Needless to say I am having a ball and My Mind is aglow! I'm an old retired man and rise very early in the morning. Sitting down with a cup of hot chocolate at the computer in the wee hours of the morning and banging out some HTML for an hour or so is the delightful start of most of my days.

I know next to nothing about FLASH or JAVA and I'm NOT very educated in the ways of computers. Everything I've learned has been on-line. If you are interested in starting a blog or have a question about anything you see in my Blogs, feel free to ask. I will be glad to pass on anything I've learned, besides I've decided I like the way you move!

★ Are You Qualified To Read This Blog? ★

Now here is an interesting photo. Can you identify some of the stars in the pic? Do you see Desi Arnez in the back row in the uniform or Louis B. Mayer sitting right down front? If so, you are definitely qualified to be here! (HERE IS THE ANSWER)

Friday 11/13/09 - The Browser Effect !
One of the things I've learned is about Internet Explorer. If you are using that browser, you are missing a great deal in my Blog and everywhere else around the net. Each Browser reacts a little differently to HTML. (There is no standard). Internet Explorer is the slowest and the worst.

Dear Old Dad
I would suggest you download one of the other browsers and give it a try. You can keep Internet Explorer on your desktop if you are uncomfortable switching over, but give another browser a try.

Here are the major ones I would recommend:
Google Chrome CLICK HERE.
Mozilla Firefox CLICK HERE.
for Opera CLICK HERE.

I very much like Google Chrome but there is a small learning curve. Mozilla Firefox is number two and looks and feels like Internet Explorer. I don't have much personal knowledge of Opera except to say that Opera users swear by it.
Tuesday 11/09/10 - Loving the Google Chrome Browser! There's a small learning curve to adjust from Firefox but it's small and quick. have had no problems with it yet! Also found out why my hard Disc was running at high speed all the time (Windows Vista). Was able to fix the prob!

Above here on the left is a Widget with some of the Graphics I use in the Blog. To view Movie Classics on Tumblr click the header on the widget...

Friday 11/05/10 - OMG! Myspace converted my profile to the new format yesterday. It's AWFUL! Well, Myspace was very good to me and I met lots of fabulous folks. Am sorry to see the new format. Essentially you get to pick what advertising you want on your profile and there's very little room to express yourself. Once they were the Big Kahuna but have fallen on hard times. Well, Best Wishes and good luck to Myspace!

Monday 11/01/10 - My Mozilla Firefox Browser has crapped out and continues to Hang my system every few minutes and I'm tired of sending them 'CRASH' Reports soooo.....

Downloaded Google Chrome and am giving it a try. It seems to run very smoothly! I'll keep you posted on this.
If you want the code for any of the little gizmos you see, just let me know and I'll be glad to post it so you may copy and paste into anything you're doing. My name is Sam
This is me

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