Sunday, December 28, 2014

CANDY (1968)

It was over forty five years ago and her name was "Candy" (1968)..... It was not a great movie, a "B" movie at best but there was something about it that captured the spirit of the age. Searching for the meaning of life in the 60's leads a young girl to liaisons with a variety of different men from poets and gurus to generals and doctors but they always seem to wind up in a sexual situation. Welcome to the 60s. "CANDY" was a pop-art caricature of society in the sixties which has developed a cult following

In 1968 the camera loved Ewa Aulin, the 18yr old Swedish lass having won "Miss Teen Sweden" in 1965 at age 15 and a year later "Miss Teen International 1966" in Hollywood (Click Here). She was a beauty and her character spoke volumes about how men in the sixites viewed the sexual liberation of women brought about by "the pill".

How did director Christian Marquand get all those male Hollywood "A" list actors to sign on to this project. There was a movement underway at the time. "Barbarella" with Jane Fonda had just been released in October and along came "CANDY" in December. IMDB sez there were 3,215 titles released worldwide in in 1968, look them over, can you see a common demoninator of satire and sexual liberation? THAT is an artistic "Movement". (CLICK HERE).

Ewa was perfect for the part and I'm obviously not alone in my view. Take a look at the latest postings from my Tumblr Blog with a Tag of Ewa Aulin...

The latest Postings for: "Ewa Aulin"

Artistic movements like this were once engines that helped to power the culture and to shape the way that people looked at reality. As with all things today the internet has pretty much done away with anything that could be characterized as a "movement". The big cultural monopolies in the music, book and movie industries are being broken up into almost infinite niches. No longer is there a centralized view of any event or circumstance.

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