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B Movie Babes

Those Fabulous B Movie babes ! !

Barbara Steele

They screamed in terror, they fainted in fright, they were tortured by Marquis de Sade, eaten by giant locusts, sacrificed to flaming volcanoes, abducted by mad scientists, ripped by rippers, carved up by craven craggy cohorts and turned into vile venomous voluptuous vixens by vicious vampires !They were sexy, usually innocent Innocent and Helpful. (on-screen) and thrilled us all with their antics. Those Queens Of Scream

Wonderful Ladies !
in my B-Movie Dreams! Some of these movies are so, so bad they made the leap to GOOD! And no one made them as bad as good old Ed Wood!

Everything you are listening too are lines from various B-Movies I've strung together in a Flash Player. If you want any of them just send me a MSG and I'll give you the link for them all (and many others).

Defining a B-Movie is subjective and falls somewhere between "Movie Genre" (which applies to subject matter) and "Cinematic Style" (which can be applied to any Genre). Of course, the more that genres are defined, the more likely that a filmmaker will try to combine, transcend and evade categories, so not every film can be neatly labeled but I know'em when I see'em! That's Miss MARTINE BESWICK on the left in the skimpy white bikini and Miss JULIE EGE on the right photographed in 1973.

The Hammer Girls
Click Any Pic to Enlarge

If Stacy Adams, Julie Ege, Martine Bestwick, JoAnna Lumley or even Britt Ekland were listed in the credits, chances are you are looking at a B-Movie Babe from Hammer Studios! They hinted at dark desires or reel psychiatric conditions that had never really occurred to me but certainly titillated the taboos of social convention. Kinda like that Playboy magazine I only got to " the articles..." but had to take home in a brown paper bag.

HAMMER STUDIOS produced some of the very best (or worst) of the B-Movies. In 1913 Enrique Carreras bought his first cinema in Hammersmith, London, gradually expanding his company into a chain. It became a family enterprise with his son James and then grandson Michael taking over the helm. Over the years they turned Hammer Studios into one of the best B-Movie production studios and still exist today. The "Hammer Girls are legendary and include many ladies that graduated to the "A" list of Hollywood Stars.

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to get to the B Movie Babes Album.

The endeavors of these ladies achieved a small but deeply disturbed devoted following, like me! Some of their names are: Julie Ege, Edwige Fenech
A personal favorite Miss Edwige Fenech
, Elaine Dunn
Miss Elaine Dunn (A Favorite!)
, Sue Ann Langdon, Candy Johnson, Virna Lisi, Florence Marley, Irish McCalla
Famous Model and B-Movie Babe Miss Irish McCalla
, Marie McDonald, Elizabeth Montgomery
Before she was SAMANTHA - Miss Elizabeth Montgomery
, Barboura Morris, Edina Ronay
Edina Ronay (A Favorite!)
, Tanya Roberts, Stella Stevens, Sharon Tate, Edy Williams
A very popular Miss Edy Williams
, Maria Kubitschek
Edwige and Maria
and many MANY others.

Yvonne Craig was one of my very favorites as she danced the sexy dance for Capt. Kirk on the Enterprise. All were terrific screamers! Here just below is Miss Martine Bestwick getting tenderized by a bevy of lecherous frogmen!

(All it does it piss your wife off!)
Just Below: Stella Stevens and Dean Martin

Show Me Your Girl Parts !

Claudine Auger and Sean Connery

Turn Off the Flash Player (Top of page) BEFORE starting!

Good old Ed Wood the whackiest producer of B-Movie films although there were many others such as Victor Adamson, Dwain Esper or Robert Horner. Here just below are three fabulous full length movies that will show the viewer some real B-Movie efforts. First on the left here is the 1938 "Sex Madness" production by Dwain Esper. In the middle is "Phantom Cowboy" made in 1935 by Robert Horner. Finally on the right is "That Gang of Mine by Victor Adamson in 1940.

Just click on any of the Pix to start the movie. These low budget efforts have a small but devoted following (like myself) who like to point out such things as the stagecoach riding along beside obviously modern telephone poles in "Phantom of the Cowboy". An obvious low budget knock-off of "Our Gang" in "That Gang of Mine". Look for yourself but be careful, you might have to join that small but devoted following!

Four Full-Length Movies
(Click any Pic to start movie!)

The "Haunted World of Ed Wood" just above is an excellent production and I hope you watch the whole movie (...if like me, you are interested in such things...). Many folks see Ed Wood as the Quentin Tarantino of B-Movies!

Here's another great photo of Miss Martine...

You may not remember the name (on the right) so just click the name to see the face!

That's Ingrid Pitt and Madeline Smith in The Vampire Lovers" (1970)

Martine Bestwick in "Prehistoric Women" (1967). Click the Pic to see the Martine do her stuff !

Martine Bestwick in "Prehistoric Women" (1967). Click the Pic to see the Martine do her stuff !

Claudine Auger and Sean Connery in Thunderball. Click the Pic to see the original trailer !

Claudine Auger

Click Pic for more Claudine Auger !

Click Pic for more Julie Ege!

Martine Bestwick and Aliza Gur battle it out in the gypsy camp in the James Bond adventure "From Russia With Love" (1963).

Here is Martine Beswick, Claudine Auger and Luciana Paluzzi

Edwige Fenech. Click the Pic to see her stuff !

SUSAN DENBERG had a tough time in Hollywood. Click Pic to see her!

Ursula Andress and Sean Connery

Claudine Auger

ELKE SOMMER was a fun Hollywood Hit. Click Pic above to see her with Paul Newman!

Elizabeth Montgomery before BEWITCHED!

Martine Beswick

Martine Beswick

Ewa Aulin in "CANDY" (1968). Click the Pic to see Candy !

Playing in the sand or screaming their hearts out I ♥ ♥ ♥ This !

Those fabulous B Movie Babes !

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You simply weren't a B-Movie Girl unless you had appeared on "Man From U.N.C.L.E." and just look at some of the names in those screen credits. Senta Berger, Barbara Bouchet, Cher, Joan Collins, Yvonne Craig, Ann Francis, Janet Leigh, Jill Ireland, France Nuyen, Dorothy Provine just to name a few. See if you can spot any that hit the "A" list...

Sexy Sixties Spicy Space Girls
Barbara Luna, Nancy Kovack, Sharon Acker, Angelique Pettyjohn, Barbara Anderson, Sherry Jackson, Marianna Hill, Antoinette Bower, Kathie Browne

We love those Those B Movie Babes!

Scilla Gabel

Michele Mercier

Valerie Leon

Claudine Auger

Edina Ronay

Caroll Baker

Ingrid Pitt

Anita Ekberg

More B Movie Babes...

The First Bond Girl !

Visit the FIRST BOND GIRL Ursula Andress. Click Pic Above !

Some of my favorite Bond Beauties...

Pussy Galore, Holly Goodhead, Octopussy, Plenty O’Toole, Chew Me, Xenia Onatopp, Honey Ryder, Mary Goodnight, Dr. Molly Warmflesh, Miss Moneypenny, Agent Strawberry Fields, Dr. Christmas Jones, Solitare, Thumper, Dink, May Day, Penelope Smallbone, Kissy Suzuki, Jenny Flex, Vesper Lynd, Bibi Dahl, Bambi, Pan Ho, Domino Vitali, Jinx Johnson, Peaceful, Elektra King, Wai Lin, Fiona Volpe, Tiffany Case, Miranda Frost, Melina Havelock, Anya Amasova, Solange Dimitrios, Stacy Sutton, Camille Montes, Tatiana Romanova, Helga Brandt, Tracy Draco, Fatima Blush.

Other Great Blogs:
Got a Pic of your favorite "B-Movie Babe" you'd like to see in this blog? Upload it right here and please be sure to tell me exactly who it is and any other info you may have. I'll be glad to include it right here with your name or website!

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