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Here is the new menu for 2019. Still under construction as I have removed several options until I can update them to conform to HTML 5 and many of the links to older videos are no longer active and require my attention. Still Blogging away and enjoying it very much. Thank you Blogspot. Hope all is going well with my followers and am always open to criticism and helpful advice so let me know if I need to change anything.


How I wound up retiring in Key Largo Florida. Baby Boomers should read this.

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This option will take you to my latest postings on my Tumblr Blog.

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First Bond Girl

Ursula Andress and the beautiful girls of James Bond.

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Cyd Charisse

Those million dollar legs that danced Cyd to fame and fortune.

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Michael Curtiz directs Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in one of my favorites.

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To Catch A Thief

Alfred Hitchcock directing Cary Grant and Grace Kelly in this 1955 classic.

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Sophia Loren

What can you say about a woman like the gorgeous Sophia Loren? Find out right here.

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A sexy space vixen charms intergalatic creatures in this comic book like Science Fiction thriller from 1968.

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Creature From The Black Lagoon

Beautiful Julie Adams shines as the subject of unwanted attention from the creature. A classic hit from 1954 reminds me of my first date !

Creature Me

Lana Turner

True Hollywood intrigue at it's best. A beautiful woman, a furious gangster, a kitchen knife, was it murder or an accident? You decide.

💖Luv Lana💖

"B" Movie Babes

A collection of those fabulous Babes from those old "B" movies.

Lots O'Babes


The first and finest, big budget Science Fiction. Truly a fantastic classic.

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Cleopatra 1963

Big budget, torrid affairs, the movie that almost broke the studio. Here's the whole story including the Wanger crotch shot!


Movie Classics

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We love Vintage Hollywood! The likes of Errol Flynn, Richard Widmark, Cary Grant, Sterling Hayden and those magnificent ladies of yesteryear!
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