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Elizabeth Taylor

Paul Newman Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor



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- Lots of changes going on around here. To begin with I was just reading about Martin Scorsese planning to make a movie from the book "FURIOUS LOVE". This will be a real treat if he can pull this one off. "Furious Love: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and the marriage of the century." That would of course be two marriages of the century.

"...I am forever punished by the gods for being given the fire and trying to put it out..." he wrote to her in one of his many love letters and poems. "...The fire, of course, is you...".

As Martin moves from "MEAN STREETS" to mean sheets, the book offers possibilities for many juicy scenes. With Liz and Dick, two drinking divas equaled many a stormy night. In a perfect metaphor of the relationship to come, they ignited on the set of "CLEOPATRA" (1963) one of the most turbulent and extravagant movie productions ever made. It cost $44 million in 1963 or $300 million in today's dollars.

"...In their prime, all Taylor and Burton had to do
was walk on the set and budgets would start hemorrhaging

...wrote Peter Bart in Variety.

Burton wrote Taylor soulful love letters and poems. She kept the last one on her bedside table until her death.

Water skiing with Miss Elizabeth.

Elizabeth rides National Velvet !

Elizabeth Taylor
- An unlikely start in life for this London born American actress (1932). Her first seven years were spent on British soil and undoubtedly influenced the rest of her amazing life.

It's really very difficult to try and measure the influence this little girl had on the entire American culture. There's no doubt about it, when Miss Elizabeth entered the room - Everyone Noticed!

How the world looked to Miss Elizabeth!

Nobody has ever made a better entrance! She was surrounded by people (her staff) that knew how to make the most out of her celebrity and weren't shy about it. The press was not always kind to her and the tabloids made a living off her exploits......

...Click any page to Enlarge

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Simply beautiful.

Elizabeth Taylor 1970

Here's a short BIOgraphy of Miss Elizabeth that has a short commercial in the beginning. It's worth watching even with the commercial....

Elizabeth and Eddie.

The life that took place between the photo on your left and the photo on your right is almost beyond imagination.

We've all experienced life in our own way but the life of Miss Elizabeth is a matter of scale! She is approaching her ninth marriage even today (CLICK HERE) ! Love, hate, success, failure, compromise, indulgence, addiction, wealth, obstacles, overcoming obstacles all a matter scale between her life and all the rest of us.

One can look at the facts about someone's life like this.....

But does that tell the whole story about one's life? Here's a review of a new autobiography (CLICK HERE) and I'll bet neither of these two lived through the era of which they are offering their opinion.

I found the color coordinated cigarette holder demands interesting. You never really get the back story on such things. Was it a demand in order to draw a line in the sand with the studio? Or perhaps an indulgence to make a point with someone that had pissed her off? You just never know for sure.

Elizabeth and Richard in the 1967 release Taming Of The Shrew (Click Pic)

Click Pic for more Taming of the Shrew !

A remarkable woman that was never afraid to take some real chances with her career and her life...

Scene from "Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf" (1966)

Click Pic for more Virginia Woolf!

This was one of her scariest movies! I was terrified this was how marriage really was! My own family wasn't this bad, but close! let's jump back in time to April 7th 1949. Miss Elizabeth was just 18 years old and already emerging as a star......

1949 Radio Broadcast: "Morning Glory"

Elizabeth and Richard in 1969

Just above Liz in a very sexy scene from Suddenly Last Summer (1959)

Scene from GIANT (1956)

I love this picture of Richard and Elizabeth. It speaks volumes about life in Hollywood. Richard and Elizabeth were at a Hollywood party and Richard got to introduce his fourth wife (Sally Hay) to Elizabeth and she got to introduce her seventh husband to be (Victor Luna) to Richard!

Check out that 'look' Sally is giving Elizabeth. I'll bet Elizabeth filed that away when she got a look at this pic. What would you call that look Sally has aimed at Elizabeth?

★ Divorce starring Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton ★

A two-part film, actually two concurrent stories, that reveals the dissolution of an 18-year marriage from two points of view. The stories are set in Rome, where the wealthy Martin and Jane Reynolds meet by chance after a two-year separation. In the first of the two stories, Martin has returned to Rome on business, representing an African managerial firm. Martin remembers his marriage as a rather sado-masochistic union. Part two examines the marriage from Jane's point of view, focusing more on the family life, on how the children have been scarred by the crumbling marriage.

Thank You Steve & Charlene for these Pix...

Simply beautiful.

Simply beautiful.

Simply beautiful.

Simply beautiful.

And on that note I think I'll mosey on down the cyberpath and see what's going on around the net. Just below are some great Pix of Miss Elizabeth. Just click the pix to get to the large sizes...

For even more Pix of Miss Elizabeth CLICK HERE.

Got a Pic related to this Blog you'd like to see published here? Upload it right here and please be sure to tell me exactly who it is and any other info you may have. I'll be glad to include it right here with your name or website!

Here's a great little number uploaded by Bob Upham who tells me that even though he's now a weather man for good old channel 9, he really always wanted to be a Lumber Jack! (Joke!)

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