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Myrna Loy

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Complete Broadcast from 1936 - The Thin Man!

One of those women that I can only describe as "Smokey"! There is just some indefinable thing about her that hits all the right buttons in me. She has class but that's not it. Tall and statuesque with a great figure but that's not it either. A beautiful expressive face and stunning eyes but no, not that either. A very unique voice and way of speaking that sets off alarm bells all over the place. It must be how she chooses to weave all those elements together and come up with Myrna Loy ! Whatever it is and however she does it she's been pushing my buttons for fifty years.

How about yours?

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In 1921, she posed for Harry Winebrenner's statue titled "Spiritual," which remained in front of Venice High School throughout the 20th century and can be seen in the opening scenes of the film Grease (1978).

The statue was removed from where it stood after vandalism and neglect had destroyed it. A group of alumni (that still love Myrna!) are raising money to re-create the statue, and their goal is to have it ready to unveil in spring 2009.

For those that have never visited Venice California, I would suggest you absolutely include it as a "must see" on your next visit. Venice beach is one of the most unusual places you will ever see. Filled with character and characters of every possible permutation. When most Americans (not living in California) think of Kookie Kalifornia they are picturing Venice Beach. An island of free souls and self expression that I personally cherish.

Harry Winebrenner's statue was commissioned and sculpted before Miss Myrna ever became a movie star. She achieved icon status with her portrayal of Nora Charles in the Thin Man movie series. In 1936 Miss Myrna was the No. 1 female box-office attraction in films. Also in '36, fans voted her "Queen of the Movies" to Clark Gable's "King." Making a total of 14 movies with William Powell, including the Oscar winning The Great Ziegfeld (1936), in which she played Billie Burke to his Florenz Ziegfeld, and Love Crazy (1941), a delightful comedy in which Powell pretends to be insane to win back Loy as his wife. Her other most compatible costar at MGM was Clark Gable, with whom Loy starred in seven movies including Manhattan Melodrama (1934), Wife Vs. Secretary (1936), Parnell (1937) Too Hot to Handle (1938) and Test Pilot (1938).

Now here's one of my favs, The Best Years of Our Lives (1946). If you haven't seen this one be sure to rent it or pick it up as an "oldie" for your collection. William Wyler's look at the postwar adjustment of a trio of soldiers including Fredric March as her husband. Wise, humorous, sexy and loving, Loy gave this excellent film its emotional center. Although the movie won seven Oscars, Loy, amazingly, was not even nominated. In fact, she never won an Oscar nomination in competition but was awarded an honorary award in 1991 for her career achievement. Loy returned to comedy opposite Cary Grant in both The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer (1947) and Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (1948). She also appeared in an underrated film adaptation of John Steinbeck's novel, The Red Pony (1949), co-starring Robert Mitchum. For a complete list of her filmography CLICK HERE.

After watching her be so appealing in so many great movies, it's hard to imagine she was married and divorced four times. I've often wondered what happened in her marriages that caused them to fall apart like that. Surviving breast cancer and a mastectomy she remained childless and passed away in 1993. As with most Hollywood stars she wrote an autobiography I've been meaning to pick up and read in my spare time Being and Becoming, in 1987 (CLICK HERE).

The guy who writes this blog is crazy about me!

Myrna Loy and William Powell.

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Well, I'm just a fan of old movies and not a critic or well schooled in the art of film making, just a member of the audience but Miss Myrna is one of my all time favorites and in the top ten of my "Like to have dinner with" list. I would love to hear some of her movie tales and particularly, what the heck happened in those four marriages. No one deserved to be happier than Miss Myrna Loy!

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