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CRYBABY (1990)
- This is all about JOHNNY DEPP
Johnny Depp as the dangerous rebel Cry-Baby...
Amy Locane as the virginal Allison Vernon-Williams...
's performance in the 1990 release of 'Crybaby'. Director John Waters vision was a very funny musical interpretation and a direct tribute to Nichols Ray's 1955 release of 'Rebel Without A Cause' starring Natalie Wood and James Dean
James Dean and Natalie Wood in Rebel Without A Cause (1955)
. This movie owes 90% of it's success (my opinion) to the casting directors Miss Paula Herold (Big, Terms of Endearment, Pretty In Pink) and Pat Moran (Enemy Of The State, Red Dragon, Wedding Crashers).

Casting porn star Traci Lords
Underage Porn Star Traci Lords was being sought by police...
in a legitimate role was a real risk as she was being sought by police for her underage performances in a variety of 'porn films'. Practically every member of the cast had been arrested at one time or another and understood Traci's predicament. The cast and crew took quite a chance hiding her when the FBI showed up on the set with an arrest warrant.

Kim McGuire, Ricki Lake & Traci Lords

Ricki Lake, Johnny Depp and Traci Lords

Ricki Lake & Traci Lords

Kim McGuire as Mona 'Hatchet Face' Malnorowski

Kim McGuire as Mona 'Hatchet Face' Malnorowski

Love this clip.....

All the characters were 'types' from the slutty 'Wanda Woodward' (Traci Lords) to the sweet innocent virginal 'Allison Vernon-Williams' (Amy Locane
The face of innocence Amy Locane as the Love Interest...
) . Amy was just seventeen and claimed she had indeed been 'kissed before, but not tons....Johnny Depp pretty much taught me how to do it
Johnny Depp pretty much taught me how to...
and he was a really good kisser.
' This movie's remarkably humorous similarity to 'Rebel Without A Cause' shows the transition American society had made between views in the '50s and the '90s.

One of my favorite scenes was the simple choreography and accompanying music of the jailhouse scene. Technical excellence from the crew combined with a ribald sense of humor makes this parody of the problems of the '50s a cult classic. Click the pic just below and take a look for yourself.

Ricki Lake, Susan Tyrrell, Amy Locane, Traci Lords and Polly Bergen
Click the Pic Above !

Johnny Depp & Amy Locane
Click the Pic Above !

There are so many excellent scenes it's hard to pick a favorite and the costuming really added punch to the visuals impact. Johnny Depp lip-synched
Johnny lip-synched his part of the songs...
his part in the songs and sang them later in the studio with a lot of help from the sound board. Here's Johnny singing TEARDROPS ARE FALLING from jail.

Ramona Rickettes is the grandmother of Pepper and Wade "Cry Baby" Walker. She is also one of my very favorite characters in this movie and played by the very raunchy Miss Susan Tyrrell
I love Raunchy Girls...
. That's a very young Iggy Pop in the tub!

That's Iggy Pop in the tub!

Here on the right is a modern choreographed dance interpretation of this great 'Crybaby' song sung by Amy Locane for the 2011 'So You Think You Can Dance' TV show. Great stuff!

Johnny was also very anxious and self conscious about his own dance sequences in the movie claiming "I just don't dance. I don't get it. It's just not my thing". Although I must say they did and excellent job editing those scenes but if you watch very closely you can see he really is out of sync with the rest of the dancers and the rhythm of the music (CLICK HERE).

Johnny loved doing this film. His number one reason: because of his long time admiration for the work of Director John Waters. His second biggest reason was the television show: 21 JUMP STREET! He hated the serious image of 'Officer Tom Hanson' he had created there and this was the perfect opportunity to make fun of it, have some fun and hang out with some very talented and controversial characters.

Click Pic Above to see the CRYBABY Trailer

Click Pic Above to see the CRYBABY Trailer
While I cannot give Crybaby a full six 'Movie Classics Hearts' (Reserved for productions such as Gone With The Wind), I can give it a solid four and a half which puts it right alongside such classics as 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' and comes highly recommended as a 'Must See' !

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JessieBear said...

I love Cry Baby, dirty but sort of clean if that makes sense, its all about loving the rogue! A clean, pampered, innocent girl (Susan)falling in love with rough, dirty 'delinquent' (Wade'CryBabyWalker) I <3 IT!!!

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