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Bo Derek

Definitely a Ten - Miss Bo Derek !

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Bo Derek
- Now this is a real 'Hollywood' girl. I guess you may have had to actually lived in L.A. to appreciate Miss Derek's rise to fame in the 70's.

This was the post-Hippie Era and heading into the glitz and glamour of the 70's Disco Era in California. Miss Bo was the daughter of Hobie Cat executive Paul Collins so she was very familiar with the sun & surf beach world of southern California while mom was the make-up artist and hair dresser for the gorgeous Miss Ann Margaret. I think you can see where this is going....

If you want the short version of the Bo Derek story here's the important facts and you can fill in all the rest of the details: Measurements: 32-22-32 (at age 16 as Mary Collins), 35-23 1/2-35 1/2 (while filming "10"), 37C-22-34 (in 1983), 38-22-36 (as reported in 1985 Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine). If you've ever lived in SoCal, those measurements would make perfect sense.

(Click the pic on the right here for the larger size) What really catapulted Miss Bo into the annals of Hollywood fame was the movie "10" with the hilarious Dudley Moore. He was the forerunner of all these Ben Stiller styled movies wherein the "nerd" makes good and gets the hot chick. Dudley was truly an accomplished comedian and unlike his 2011 successors, was really a funny entertaining man ! After the movie "10" in 1979 Miss Bo becmae a household name. Girls wanted to braid their hair like her and the "Tanning Bed" became popular all over the U.S.. The quintessential free spirited "California Beach Girl".

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Bo Derek in "10"

The two large shots above are from the "Bo Derek Calender" and she made the cover of Playboy numerous times and was all over the news stands on the cover of anything related to men..... All men wanted her and all women wanted to be her.

She has certainly made some interesting decisions in her career, for example she turned down the role of sexy seductress "Dwan" played by Miss Jessica Lange in the 1976 release of "KING KONG" but did choose the role of "Jane Parker" in the Hot & Steamy 1981 release of "TARZAN THE APEMAN".

Bo gets a bath from the natives...

Interestingly enough the magazine photographs shown here were taken by Bo's husband John Derek. Tarzan was followed by another unusual choice that certainly called to the testosterone laden segment of the population. Hoping to capitalize on the sexy seduction scene from "10" she starred in the campy play on silent movies "BOLERO".

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