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Jayne Mansfield

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A Trip Down Mammary Lane
with Miss Jayne Mansfield

A Young Miss Jayne!
You must think about Miss Jayne in the context of the times and how much our society has changed since then. Yes, there was a time when simply being an extraordinarily well endowed female was enough and Miss Jayne is the perfect example.

With today's modern surgical techniques practically any young woman may choose to be so endowed. Ah! But then was a different story. While some girls won the lottery of mother nature's bounty, some were thought to have been unfairly overlooked and after much trial and error man invented silicon to bring "fairness" to the playing field.

Guided by the wind vane of their manhood (the little head), the mere thought of such gargantuan female endowments anywhere in the vicinity was enough to fire the testosterone driven imagination to the point of distraction.

Va Va Voom....!

She was a powerful force and fashioned herself as a "Marilyn Monroe" knockoff. Unfortunately she never really had the talent of Miss Monroe but was content to live in the shadow of that Goddess. Although my 40yr old son tells me...

"...I just don't get it Dad. Marilyn doesn't seem all that great to me...".

I guess you just had to be there....

In 1955 Marilyn's now famous cult favorite with Tom Ewell was released:

The Seven Year Itch

Again following in Marilyn's footsteps a year later (1956) Miss Jayne came out with a low budget Rock N' Roll spin-off of this movie entitled The Girl Can't Help It again with Tom Ewell....

The Girl Can't Help It (1956)!

The Girl Can't Help It!
(song re-posted here courtesy of ATOMPUNK)

On June 29 1967 Jayne was 34yrs. old and sitting in the front seat with Ronnie Harrison and lawyer Sam Brody on the way from a Mississippi nightclub engagement. Her children, Mickey Jr., Zoltan and Mariska sat in the back. As they rounded a curve on a dark stretch of road, the car slammed into a slowed semi truck and trailer. Although the children survived with minor injuries, everyone sitting in the front seat was killed instantly. The light went out on Jayne's life.

Miss Jayne Mansfield!

Miss Jayne Mansfield!

Miss Jayne Mansfield!

Miss Jayne Mansfield!

Miss Jayne Mansfield!

Miss Jayne Mansfield!

Miss Jane is remembered fondly here at Movie Classics and is a great example of what a well endowed girl can do in America (or anywhere else for that matter). It was a tumultuous time and she lived up to her early promise although this writer thinks that like Anna Nicole Smith she was ill used by some in the Hollywood machine.

Here are some of my cherished photos of Miss Jayne. Although the dimensions aren't given, they are all quite large and I invite you to download as many as you wish, use them and enjoy!

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Gloria James said...

She was just amazing. I adore her so much. Thanks for the post!

susan burn said...

Jayne Mansfield was a stunningly beautiful girl,she made some really excellent films.the burglar,sherriff of fractured jaw,will success spoil rock hunter,dog eat dog,single room furnished,kiss them for me and many more,she also made a film called The Hangover,directed by Alfred Hitchcock,She had a successful las vagas show and appeared in many TV and public appearances,She regulary went to entertain the troops,chech her out singing,she is an amazing artist who tragically died so young,a mother to five children,and she was simply JAYNE a beautiful star.susanxxxx

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