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Anita Ekberg

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The Fabulous Miss Anita Ekberg

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Voluptuous is just too small a word if the same sentence includes Miss Anita Ekberg. Most people remember her in the role of SYLVIA in Fellini's "La Dolce Vita" (1960) but she was very popular for obvious reasons. Here are a few pix from a photoshoot she did with a photographer from LIFE Magazine in which the theme was "Casablanca" and she assumed the Ingrid Bergman character of "Ilsa Lund"...

Oh! Mama! Way back in 1950 she was nineteen and I was seven when Miss Anita was voted "MISS SWEDEN" and went off to compete in the Miss Universe Contest. All us seven year olds were not very impressed at the time. It was only later we came to appreciate her gargantuan endowments. It was like someone turned on a light switch around 10 years old and there was Miss Anita!

While competing in the Miss Universe contest she signed a modeling contract at which time our old friend Howard Hughes noticed her. He loved those voluptuous ladies like Miss Jane Russell and Anita Ekberg!

She signed a contract with RKO Pictures (Howard Hughes) and her career began in earnest. Miss Anita swears Howard wanted to marry her (no comment from Howard). Although her association with RKO didn't really boost her career all that much Universal Studios hired her and started using her as background decoration and small sexy parts.

Five disappointing years in Hollywood found Miss Anita heading to Rome where she met and charmed director Federico Fellini and which lead to her 1960 signature role as "Sylvia" in "La Doce Vita". She was now 29 and I was 17!

Here she is in her famous scene as Sylvia in La Dolce Vita

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She was fabulous! Every male over the age of 10 fell in love with "Sylvia" and it clearly demonstrated how Hollywood had failed to cast her correctly. She was a vastly underrated talent!

If you haven't seen La Dolce Vita I would encourage you to immediately stop whatever you are doing (including reading this Blog) and find and order a copy today. I confidently promise that you won't regret it (unless your at work and Boss is around)!

Scenes from La Doce Vita (1960)

Here are a few more of my favorite pix....

Anita Ekberg and Jack Palance

Anita Ekberg and Georges Marchal

Anita! Make Me Mind ! (hahaha...)

She even 'hung around' with the Rat Pack for a time. Here she is with Ursula Andress in a tongue in cheek satirical 50s western comedy with the Rat Pack in "Four For Texas". This was very amusing in those days....
For even more pictures of the beautiful Miss Anita just CLICK HERE. Hope you enjoyed this Blog and be sure to stop by and see us on TUMBLR. Here just below are some more parts of this Blog.

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what the ek! said...

Love the blog! I was the same age when my interest in Anita was spawned! I was lucky enough to meet her and my Wife and I had a hectic but exciting time staying with her at her home in Genzano.

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